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Practice / Account Management

Managing patients and technologists while supporting raidiologists is a complex and demanding business


Managing communication between participating clinic/physician network systems, medical healthcare centres and integrated service providers

Training & Support

HealthRad is committed to anticipate and meet clients’ expectations in the delivery of customer service and support

Practice / Account Management

A diagnostic imaging centre is a complex and demanding business. There are patients to track, technologists to manage, radiologists to support and a lot of information to keep organised – more than any other speciality.

We’re already at the forefront of new and exciting initiatives designed to help your whole practice succeed. With years of experience and the use of the HIMS RIS we help manage your patients as well as your department: a full 360 degree perspective of your business.

The total solution offered by HealthRad is able to comprehensively meet all of the specified requirements. It will allow management to identify their strengths and weaknesses in their service and service delivery, and aid in identifying potential problems. It thus enables management to develop strategies to address potential problems before they manifest and cost money.

HealthRad provides a premier and comprehensive healthcare practice/account management service. We are able to set-up, monitor and analyse all sorts of queries and claims. We train, monitor and manage personnel. Handling of quotes related to new equipment is part of our service.

HealthRad is continuously seeking new ways to meet its clients’ needs, which enable them to practice more efficiently and enjoy the many benefits of healthcare practice ownership, while eliminating the administrative burden of managing the business operations of the practice itself. HealthRad believes that patient care is paramount – concentrate on being a clinician and leave the rest to us!


HealthRad manages communication between participating systems within clinic or physician networks, medical healthcare centres and integrated service providers in multiple locations and on-site IT infrastructures. Internet access is not a requirement: we are able to set-up a VPN (point to point network).

Communication across institutions, specialisations and vendors is possible through HealthRad’s integration methods.

Training and Support

HealthRad has made a significant commitment to anticipate and meet clients’ expectations in the delivery of customer service and support. We strive to ensure that the service and support team is efficiently and effectively responding to customer calls.

It is important to us to ensure that your operator’s standards are constantly high; therefore our training is efficient, professional and industry-approved! Our support is outstanding via Remote Access: when you have a system issue that requires support, our technicians can use our remote access software to securely link to your system.

Online Services: For maximum convenience, you can log support issues online. You’ll receive the same comprehensive support, and as with our technical support centre, we are often able to solve problems on the first contact.

We’re here to help you every step of the way. If you have any questions, queries or concerns, please complete below – or contact us on 012 997 4548.

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